Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wishing a Long, Slow and Agonizing Death For Jan Brewer

There must be a special place in hell reserved for Jan Brewer... probably a corner office and a high-salary management position. This wizened sh*t condemned sick Arizonans to death by denying them health care - all on a pose of saving the state a few million bucks. So far, the death toll is two.

Brewer's first victim was a guy denied a liver transplant. Now she's killed a prospective bone marrow recipient just so those misanthropic, sun-addled farts who voted her in will approve of her "fiscal responsibility".

But let's consider the irony: Brewer's penny-ante death panels will recoup only a tiny fraction of the billions she pissed away making Arizona a sun belt version of 30s Germany with SB1070. Says Technorati:

The decision to pass anti-immigration laws by the Arizona Republican legislature will cost $752.4 million in business and tax revenue, according to an analyst for the Center for American Progress, reports Marshall Fitz and Angela Kelley. Worse, 4,236 jobs will be lost, says Hispanically Speaking News. Arizona stands to suffer economic damages which will take decades to repair.

Slow disembowelment in a maggot-infested septic tank would really be too good for Brewer.


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  1. Good old Arizona leading the charge into Third World status! Maybe it is a ploy to stop illegal immigration. If you make conditions here worse than in Mexico, no one will even want to cross the border.


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