Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Exhausted. Holidays over. Amazed that in the year 2011 we are not only still without flying cars, we can't even make it home on Continental without the f*ckers making us 5 hours late for our connection at Houston. One night in a hotel later, several hours waiting for a standby that never materialized, and we're back to Dallas in a rented Hyundai. Anyway... happy new year!

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  1. 2011. . . hard to believe. Not only have we NOT gone to Mars, but nobody has even been to the Moon since 1972. Hell, nobody has been out of low Earth orbit since then, I don't have my fucking rocket belt and we're still flying in the same ol some ol airliners we were in 1963.
    What's really sad is that it all seems to be alright for the majority of Amurkkkins.


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