Friday, January 14, 2011

We Are Alone, Therefore We Exist

Aliens don't exist. No, not those guys who mow your lawn. They mean those extraterrestrial neighbors we've been trying to cosmically 'poke' for years... A recent study concludes that aliens probably don't exist and that we're "alone in the howling void of the universe". The proof? We're still here and haven't been wiped out yet.

"At present, as many have observed, it is very quiet out there," study author Simon Conway Morris, of the University of Cambridge, told in an e-mail interview. "And given many planetary systems are billions of years older than ours, I'd expect us to be best grilled on toast back in the Cambrian."

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  1. Well, if they can evolve a 'Prime Directive' on Star Trek, I'm sure an advanced alien civilisation can manage it. There's already some debate about tampering with Mars if there happens to be even primitive microbial life there. Harder to believe than the existence of aliens, is that people actually get paid for coming up with this stuff. Probably cheaper to just record a pub argument after a group of people have watched 'Independence Day.'

  2. Space aliens, big foots, ghosts, sky pixies who control everything and all the other bullshit we see talked about on stupid cable channels by "crypto-zoologist," "astrobiologists" and other whacked out nut cases are all nothing but fantasy. There is not one single solitary shred of scientific or otherwise real evidence that supports the existence of any of these fantasies.
    People are stupid. They say "I see a light in the sky. I don't know what it is. It must be a space alien."
    "I see something big and dark in the woods. I don't know what it is. It must be a big foot."
    Not a single shred of evidence anywhere.

  3. Ah, that's where I'd disagree with you. I was on a plane once sitting next to an old guy. He was chatting all the way like old folks do... then, over Idaho, I looked out the window and saw this stationary thing in the sky. It suddenly jetted off with a trail of black smoke, super fast. I turned to the old guy to say "hey, did you see that?" He was asleep and said "what?" So I just said "Doesn't matter..." cuz I didn't want to sound nuts. Since then, I've always known UFOs exist (whether they're aliens, secret govt projects or freaking time travelers from the future... who knows) because I saw one. So when I hear people go on about ghosts or whatever, I always think I'm not going to argue with them if they saw what they saw. Seeing, as they say, is believing!

  4. As an archaeologist, I am constantly being asked my opinion on "Ancient Alien Theory". Chariots of the Gods and all that crap. It's amazing how otherwise rational people buy into that rubbish just because it was on the History Channel...because if it was on the History Channel it must be true.

  5. Christiaan

    Yeh but... Like I said (as Herbert Weaver - my Google nom de plume), I saw that damn thing flying over Idaho. I was not a "believer" but I saw it. I'm also intrigued by the fact that the Sumerians made star maps showing the northern and southern hemispheres 4,000 years or so before we were supposed to be aware that the earth was round. Just saying... not History Channel (personal experience and some book I read once).

  6. Herb, You saw something. You didn't know what it was. You saw an unidentified object. That's where it ends. The leap to "alien visitor" is illogical and unreasonable.
    Most people have seen things they couldn't explain.
    Afterall, "a trail of black smoke?" What did it do, drop a valve? Crack a cylinder wall? Bas burner injection?

  7. Sag, yeh I know it sounds wacky. But I saw it. Not saying aliens or anything other than I saw what I saw. I have heard other people over the years talk about stuff that sounds similar - black smoke and all. I know it wasn't another airliner - wrong shape, too freakin fast. It would be interesting to figure out WTF they are rather than just dismiss as BS.

  8. Years ago while driving late one night from Grass Valley stone cold sober I saw something circular hovering over the highway in front of me. It then shot off at an incredible speed. Don't know what it was but it was freaky enough to make me pull over to pull myself together. I don't know what the hell it was but I do know I was less than 30 miles from Beale AFB.

  9. Most of the ancients knew that the world was round, the idea they thought it was flat is a meme apparently created by Washington Irving:

    Although there's no evidence alien life exists (except maybe the Martian metrorite) it's suggested statistically by the Drake's equation. The idea life evolved here and nowhere else in this mind-bogglingly vast Universe is so illogical it's bizarre. I'm not saying they've visited, the vast distances make that unlikely, but they're sure to be out there somewhere.


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