Saturday, January 8, 2011

112th Comedy Congress

The new line-up of rethugs, neutered Dems and teabagging headbangers in Congress promises to be the most disastrous yet. So, lest my head explode with frustration and anticipatory angst, let's celebrate the comedy highlights instead. This is what happens when idiots elect idiots to positions of power:

John Boehner's giant retarded gavel - all the subtle symbolism of waving a three-foot styrofoam middle finger at the Democrats. (idiot quotient: 10)

The 'bagger-pandering circus act of forcing lawmakers to waste three hours reading the entire Constitution (except for the embarrassing bits) out loud on the floor. Dumb, but good to know even the wingnuts still find slavery, the three-fifths clause, outlawing women's suffrage and the Volstead act awkward enough to skip. (idiot quotient: 8)

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions and freshman Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick voting before being sworn in - a massive breach of the Constitution that ironically occurred because these idiots were too busy fundraising to be at work during the Constitutional read-athon. (idiot quotient: 10²)

Cretinous Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) uses the wrong word in a ranting speech against healthcare reform and praises the GOP leadership for their "integrity and their mendacity". Depending on your point of view, either 'integrity' or 'mendacity' were the wrong words to use in this context... (idiot quotient: 10)

So at least we can still laugh... for now.


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