Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Picture of The Day

Some hick d*ckhead in Idaho builds a 10-foot-tall KKK snow man, concerned parents at a nearby elementary school call the cops... but the story is made by the crashingly cheesy USA Today headline:

"KKK snowman gets frosty response from neighbors"

Ah... the newspaper headline pun. So sad yet so funny... the journalistic equivalent of a clown funeral. Jon Stewart was all about this last week.



  1. Who TF cares about what some knuckle dragging moron in Idaho did with his limited creativity and a foot of snow? There are ignorant borderline retarded dumb fucks all over this country. Why even bother reporting on what they do?

  2. That's true sir. The only reason I posted is because I love/hate the super corny headline USA Today put on it. Made me laugh.


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