Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The feds have 'quarantined' more than $100 billion-worth of newly printed bills after a printing fault was discovered. The new $100 bills were designed to be so complicated forgers would have a hard time making their own. Ironically, they seem to be too hard for even the feds to print. So I guess you could call that a partial success.

Then there's some guy in Missouri who decided to repair his mower in his bedroom (hey, it's cold out) and burned down his whole house after lighting up a cigarette. Some might say that's redneck. I'd disagree. Redneck skills are about unconventional ingenuity. Clearly, this guy's plan wasn't so ingenious.

For a good example of Redneck ingenuity in action, you could pack up the kids and head to Florida for the Chumuckla Redneck Christmas Parade. Yup, it's one big cringe-inducing stereotype fest from start to finish. But it's all for charity so shut up. What most caught my eye was the musical innovation:

For about 25 years, the bluegrass band has entertained area audiences by wringing tunes from tubs, washboards, fiddles, banjos, keyboards and a "potty-tar" — a guitar made out of a toilet.

I wonder if the the acoustic richness of the toilet bowl was noticed while the inventor was sat on one. Or was he kneeling drunk with his head inside? Either way, full marks for innovation.


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  1. Naw, that's redneck. I'm surprised it doesn't say he burned down "the trailer." Oh, excuse me, "mobile home."


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