Friday, December 10, 2010

Old School!

Damn, so far Bernie Sanders has been filibustering Obama's tax cut bill for six freaking hours. That's six hours of non-stop talking to hold up passage of the bill. It's at once the most exciting thing I've seen in years... and the most boring.

Irony of the first order that it takes an actual living, breathing Socialist to step up for the American people against a president the GOP keeps trying to label a Socialist. This one guy clearly has more concern for working people (that includes you too conservative dweeb) in one pinky than could be wrung from the whole GOP if they were squeezed like lemons. Go Bernie!

Under the circumstances, it would seem only polite to email Sanders and express your thanks.


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  1. Dear Bernie, thank you SO very much for having an actual spine AND nutsack, there are few elected Dems w/ the STONES you have...
    I see more campaign contributions in YOUR future
    So thanks for fighting the forces of EVIL


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