Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thought For The Day...

So Google has a bit of it's red 'e' poking out below the US flag on its Veterans Day logo rework. And, man, doesn't that just look like a Muslim crescent... Yikes! Islamophobia alert. The wingnut Tweetersphere goes crazy...

So do we think the Muslim equivalent of our white trash wingnut demo post Tweets about how subliminal Jesus crosses are planted in logos over there? Or are our obsessive loons just more creative with their delusions?

Who knows...

But I tell you this: I was listening to an older lady in the doctor's waiting room yesterday praising Glenn Beck to her friend who found him irritating. "Really? You don't like him? Beck's a very smart man who tells it like it is." I swear. Those were her exact words.

My point? I think we really are stupider. Maybe our loons are too pampered and lazy to strap on explosives and go suicide bombing. But they pretty much do the rhetorical equivalent when they drop WTF pronouncements like that. Glenn Beck smart?!! If that's not mental terrorism, a cold-blooded crime against reason, I don't know what is.


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