Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joe Miller: Sorest Loser Ever?

Even the Tea Party wing of the GOP has abandoned him and his Don Quixote-style quest to win Alaska. But Joe "Renta-Thug" Miller presses on regardless. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski currently leads him by more than 2,000 votes, even without the 8,000+ ballots Miller challenged for, wait for it, "incorrect spelling and questionable penmanship". Has this pea-brained goon ever heard of things like "clear voter intent"? And WTF has penmanship got to do with anything???

Says Politico:

Republican Joe Miller pressed forward with his legal efforts Monday in the Alaska Senate race by re-filing his case in state court, at a federal judge's request.

Gotta wonder what wingnut astroturf group is footing the giant legal bill. Pretty sure Miller ain't remortgaged to ante up for this long shot. Sad, cynical, embarrassing... it's the Tea Party. Say no more.


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