Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyone Screwed: Business As Usual

Hope, change... ah, f*ck it.

I'm having a rare moment of empathy with the Tea Partiers. Just as those hapless rubes feel they're finally getting somewhere, Jim DeMint says "screw the deficit" and, thus, commits the highest form of betrayal possible to his useful idiots. They've been played like Bush-era evangelicals... thanks guys for helping me keep my job. Now f*ck off back to your hovels.

But suck it up jilted 'Baggers. At least you're not a liberal stuck with a president who's acting like he's done with liberalism and signed on as a Republican. At least Jim DeMint is still a wingnut - even if he is expressing more of a laissez faire attitude to running up debt than you might prefer. Sure, DeMint's deficit betrayal might twist your panties, but how the f*ck do you think progressives like me feel now Obama's caved on climate change and tax cuts for the rich? Obama is a functioning Republican. We got it way worse.

So for once, tricornered fascists, feel my pain too. Join my pity party because it's the only party that now speaks for any of us. We've been had. We've been bamboozled... We were just rubes for whichever pol breached our firewalls of suspicion and fooled our votes out of us. "Yes We Can?" "Slash The Deficit?" "Small Government?" It's all the same... and it doesn't matter whether you're a wingnut or a progressive, it doesn't matter whether you were cheated by DeMint or Obama... Washington only represents Washington as it always has and we're just left with lists of unfulfilled promises and sore a**holes once the votes are counted.


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  1. Maybe it all doesn't matter after all .... when you have virgin births among reptiles, why worry about the long term future ...

    - Left Back


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