Friday, November 19, 2010

Democrats Mark New Low. Again.

The fact that the corporate-d*ck suckers on the monopoly man side of the aisle voted no on extending unemployment benefits was not exactly a big shock... but that 11 Democrats did? Hard to find words without four letters starting with 'c' to describe these callous pieces of human garbage:

Marion Berry (D-Arkansas)
Allen Boyd (D-Florida)
Bobby Bright (D-Alabama)
Jim Cooper (D-Tennessee)
Lincoln Davis (D-Tennessee)
Baron Hill (D-Idiana)
Walt Minnick (D-Idaho)
Glenn Nye (D-Virginia)
Collin Peterson (D-Minnesota)
Heath Shuler (D-Carolina)
Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi)

I feel the least we could do is take some time out of our busy (or not so busy) days to contact these spineless parasites and wish them really sh*tty Christmases too.


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