Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Aftermath

Good riddance to bad trash: Angle out.

It happened. Oh well... For me, the worst of it is that Rand Paul won. That's a f*cking nadir in judgment if ever there was one - even for Kentucky. And Alan Grayson struck down in his prime? Interesting...

I heard Laurence O'Donnell explain last night how Grayson losing was evidence that the American people were rejecting progressives and that it gave the lie to the case that Obama is floundering because he's not being progressive enough. I'd say no. I'd say O'Donnell is wrong. Grayson lost precisely because his progressive base stayed home. And if we're on such an anti-progressive swing, how come half of the Blue Dog caucus got sh*t canned as well?

Again, the arguments will rattle on... did those Blue Dogs get dumped because they voted yes on Obamacare and the angry wingnuts mobilized to get them out? Or did they fail to get enough votes because the progressives were angry that Obamacare didn't go far enough, thanks to their efforts, and they staid home? Who knows. I sure as hell can't be bothered to start Googling voter stats and comparing 2008 turnouts with 2010.

But if there is one thing we liberals can celebrate, at least Harry Reid hung on in Nevada. I'm sure something fundemental would have busted in the time-space continuum if Sharron Angle and Rand Paul had got in.

Oh, and Barney Frank gets a 16th go around the block. That's gotta sting for the wingnuts!


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  1. Once again, California is an anomaly. Dems swept state offices and Boxer soundly defeated a teabagger CEO...but Proposition outcomes were schizophrenic. No more supermajority needed to pass a budget but now a supermajority is necessary to implement or raise fees. A no vote to suspend air pollution control but also a no vote to fund state parks. I'm just glad we weathered the storm in decent shape.


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