Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Whole F*cking Tea Party is a Nazi Reenactment, Part Zwei

Ohio Tea Bag candidate Rich Ioott (third from left): fake Nazi, real Jackass.

We have neighbors who recently moved here from Tennessee and are making themselves pretty unpopular. See, these hillbilly wannabes have foregone flying Old Glory or the Lone Star in their yard and fly the stars and bars instead. And, to compound the offense, they then whine like butt-hurt p*ssies when people call them racist trash.

Sorry, hillbillies. You can't fly the rebel flag and claim you're no racist. It would be like flying a f*cking swastika and claiming you have no problem with Jews. It doesn't f*cking work. You either buy into the symbol and everything it stands for or you leave it alone. Any 10th-grader knows the confederacy ran on slavery. It wasn't just an aspect of it, it defined the whole system and the civil war that was fought to depose it. Nope. That flag ain't cool. (Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Duke boys might qualify for a free pass, but everyone else can f*ck off.)

I don't know if our "The South Will Rise Again" neighbors are 'Baggers too. But don't that attitude put you in mind of a Tea Bagger? The Tea Party too runs on racism. It's not just a part of it, the whole system is fueled by the synergy of haters coming together to hate more effectively. Yet ain't these cake-an-eat-it f*cks the loudest to whine when you accuse them being racists? (Man, you can't even satirize blacks, Hispanics and queers as subhuman any more without liberals getting all up in your grill about racism...)

Here's a new billboard from the "Tea Party Patriots" of Colorado - today's example of partying like it's 1939:

That's some formidable stereotyping... There's "Osama Obama" because 'Baggers don't like Islam; "Chicago Obama" because 'Baggers don't like them urban political sophisticates; "Charro Obama" because 'Baggers don't like Mexicans and, last but not least, we have "Flaming Obama" because 'Baggers don't like them gays. Then stick in a George Soros vulture, a UN vulture and a few variously labeled rats... and voila! It's almost a perfect glimpse into the roiling psyche of a Tea Partier.

Or a Nazi.

Tell me it ain't so?

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