Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rich Iott? The Whole F*cking Tea Party is a Nazi Reenactment

Race baiting from Nazi Germany to Tea Party 'Meriku.

You could not even dream up Rich Iott. He's that Ohio Tea Party congressional candidate and Waffen SS historical reenactment enthusiast who's drawn widespread criticism from Republican leaders Eric Cantor. Hilarious? Yes. But not so funny when you consider how much of a giant Nazi reenactment the whole f*cking Tea Party movement is anyway.

Take, for instance, those "scary Mexican" stock photo guys who've been doing the rounds in regional political ads. They've popped up in Tea Party spots from Nevada to New York, always described as 'illegal immigrants' and chosen because they fit the surly, swarthy, threatening Hispanic stereotype the racist 'baggers are so keen to advance. (Surprisingly, they chose not to Photoshop in gold teeth and mustaches.)

Isn't it amazing how one photo of disgruntled Mexican farmers (actually taken in Mexico for a story about crop failure) gets to become the modern equivalent of the sly Jew stereotype so beloved by the Nazis? See, they're not like us... just look at them... they all look like that! Ooga booga!

Back in the tag, the Nazis scared paranoid, conservative Germans with 'ooga booga' Jew caricatures. Nothing new. The mythical sly Jew had been around for so long it was an easy button for the Nazis to push. Now the Tea Partiers are scaring paranoid, conservative Americans with their 'ooga booga' Hispanic stereotype. Also nothing new... The only thing that is surprising is the degree to which prehistoric Nazi sh*t like this is being tolerated in the world's "most advanced nation". It's like Hitler who? Holo-what..?

Straight-up racist motherf*ckers like Sharron Angle, Jim DeMint, etc., have dived into the sewer of history to fish out the Nazi play book. And they're playing it like champs. Chapter one: Present your racial enemy as scary, as inherently depraved, as generally less than human. That way, folks won't feel sympathy when you victimize them, whether through words or genocide. Make someone seem less than human and you can do whatever the f*ck you want to them... This worked so well for the Nazis, they were able to kill off entire minority groups and regular Germans barely gave a sh*t.

Makes you wonder what the Tea Party Reichsf├╝hrers are planning. Mass-deportations for Mexicans? Internment camps and forced labor? A general denial of civil rights for Hispanics that could only be feasible once they've been adequately "dehumanized" by race-baiting propaganda and rendered non-sympathetic to the majority? Hey, just because we're Americans not Germans, doesn't mean it ain't gonna work. It worked before: Native Americans were subjected to a full three centuries of genocide ending only when they were finally granted US citizenship and protection under the law in 1924. Black folks were also considered not fully human until the civil rights act made it trickier to hang them from trees just because you felt like it.

Like I said, we've been there before. And it feels like the Tea Party wants to take us back. "Cheap Nazi Stereotyping"? If it quacks like a Nazi...


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