Thursday, October 21, 2010

Useless F*cking Tw*ts

Kent Conrad: You may take my principles but you'll never take my bichon frise!

If you need a better example of how the sacless, pointless, useless f*cking d*ckheads on the Democrat side of the aisle are pissing away their mandate and hastening their own defeat, look no further than Kent Conrad.

Conrad is the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee and a member of Obama's fiscal commission. He's also letting the Tea Party own the debate by shilling "small government" snake oil instead of standing up for responsible, effective, representative, democratic government. Conrad's been blathering in true 'bagger style about cutting services and saying "everything does have to be on the table" (except his balls because they evidently went AWOL years ago). Says he:
"This government is going to have to be smaller," Conrad said on MSNBC. "There is no option."
What's that sound? It might be 'big government' FDR rolling in his grave. It might be the 69 million people who voted for 'big government' Obama in 2008 gagging. WTF is up with this sh*t???

Instead of calling BS on the small government ranting point and reminding our hicks that government is the only thing standing between them and virtual slavery under a corporatocracy, Conrad slips on his tricornered dunce hat and starts talking like a fully paid-up 'bagger. So much for FDR spending his way out of a depression with the full weight of big government behind him. FDR might be rated #1 best prez ever by many for doing that. But not, apparently, by the current party nerds who are now rejecting his legacy and abandoning liberalism because they're too scared of the Tea Party jocks who are picking on them.

Now democrats just parrot whatever crap they think might get them reelected in their red-tinged districts back home (Conrad don't care what you want... he only cares about trying to suck up to the wingnuts at home in Dakota who'd rather chew dog sh*t than vote for a Dem anyway).

This truly is the nadir of our political evolution as a democracy and never before have two sides run at one time who deserve to win less. God help us.


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  1. I agree. . . gov't should be smaller. There is no reason why it has to support so many people and provide so many services.
    We need to force the corporations that profit from the citizens of this country support those citizens with good jobs in manufacturing, sales, development, research, etc. That is not only the way to reduce the government, but the only way we will be able to survive as anything like a free society.
    Gov't forces the citizenry to do all sorts of things, but corporations keep getting a free pass to do whatever whenever they want. Either be an American corporation, or take your asses AND your products out of this country.


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