Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Nation Rally

Laziness, geography and general sulkiness directed at the liberal establishment stopped me attending the One Nation rally today. But I'd sure love to have seen George Clinton, surrounded by Americans of all creeds and colors, wind up the event with "One Nation Under a Groove". That must be a hell of a memory to keep. (Ted Nugent cranking out 'Cat Scratch Fever' surrounded by fat white teabaggers on scooters? Not so much...)

But, sad to say, I had the exact same pea-brained partisan thoughts about the march as Right Pundits: What are the scores? How many people turned up for the One Nation rally? Say they:

"Unlike Glenn Beck’s rally where over 500,000 people gathered to hear from speakers like Sarah Palin, about 150,000 appear to have assembled to bash Capitalism and advocate more gun control."

Good news no doubt for progressives. How so? Because Right Pundits claim half a million for Glenn Beck's 9-12 do when reality estimates only 60-70,000. So even if they are somehow right about the One Nation rally numbers, we have them beat by a margin of 50 - 60%.

Yeh, I know, it's pretty childish to bicker and compete about crowd numbers. But they started it!


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