Saturday, October 30, 2010

No Mexicans! No Brazilians!

Gotta give it up to Gawker for posting that story from the guy who claimed to have had a "drunk sleepover" with Christine O'Donnell a few years ago.

Of course Gawker got slammed for being cheap and sleazy. Andrew Sullivan called the story a "cowardly, brutal and misogynist invasion of privacy."

Like it's OK for a candidate to build her whole campaign image on abstinence and sexual puritanism even if she's a secret slut? Like it's out of order for anyone to point out that self-serving hypocrisy? It ain't as if Gawker disapproves of sluts anyway. As they say:

Any reader of this site ought to rather quickly gather that we are in fact avid supporters of hopping into bed, naked and drunk, with men or women that one has just met.

 Here's my favorite bit from the original story:

Things got physical on the couch pretty quickly. It wasn't long before we'd moved from the living room to my bed... When her underwear came off, I immediately noticed that the waxing trend had completely passed her by. Obviously, that was a big turnoff, and I quickly lost interest. I said goodnight, rolled over, and went to sleep.

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  1. Fuck that fat assed bitch. If she's going to go around extolling the virtues of abstinence and rallying against masturbation she deserves to have her slutty sex life revealed.


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