Saturday, October 16, 2010

Libertarian Insanity

Even though the specious Libertarianism 'philosophy' is enjoying something of a renaissance thanks to the 'Baggers, let's not forget the reality. It's still a crackpot movement entirely peopled with scowling lunatics. From would-be Timothy McVeighs to smarmy sadists like Rand Paul... they're all f*cking nuts.

Need a reminder? How 'bout the Johnathan Irish story? This New Hampshire 'Oaf Keeper' had his newborn kid taken away by CPS for "political reasons" and fellow libertarian nutjobs went crazy about it. Now baby Cheyenne is back with the parents after  "pressure from the public".

Reality? Irish is a wife-beating, child abuser with a house full of guns and a long history of violence and his kid was taken away for her own safety after showing signs of sexual abuse. Oh my. How tyrannical.  So how do Libertarians suggest that kids are protected from abuse without the big, nasty government getting involved? Says The Slate:

The most amazing voice from the anti-tyranny forces, though, belonged to a woman named Amanda Biondolillo, from Concord:

"The family should be left to resolve it on their own," Biondolillo said. "Or private enterprise - private companies can contact the family and say, 'We heard you were hitting your kids. Can you stop that?'"

Is Amanda Biondolillo a prankster who shows up at protests to say things to make libertarians look like morons? Her online presence looks sincere.

It's easy to say but I'll say it again: Libertarians are f*cking d*ckheads.

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