Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Ultimate C*ck Blocker

Christine O'Donnell: Sarah Palin with added crazy?

From TPM:

Here's yet another golden oldie from Christine O'Donnell. Back in 2003, when she was defiantly asked by a pro sex education campaigner whether she wanted to stop everyone from having sex, she defiantly answered right back: "Yeah."

A Fox News poll released last week showed O'Donnell down by 15 points — 54 to 39 — to her Democratic opponent Chris Coons. Isn't it staggering that this ├╝bertard is still somehow still polling 39%? I'd leave it to psychiatric professionals to decide what's wrong with O'Donnell herself, but what's up with the 39% who think she's the better candidate??? My mind is boggled.



  1. These tea baggers are whacked. The people who support them are whacked. Im wondering though, do they have any chance of rising to power? They seem to consistently draw a small percentage. . . chilling as it is that 39% of Delaware people support her, it is only 39%.
    There are places like AZ, WV, KY, AK where they might get elected, but nationally? Hopefully not.

  2. What scares me is that having a healthy, prosperous middle class is the best protection against extremists taking control of a country. Whether you're talking right wing or left wing. Right now, the middle class is shrinking in America, society is getting more polarized between rich and poor, so extremists get their day because society itself is getting more extreme because the middle class 'voices of moderation' are disappearing. I really think the only way we can avoid having the nutjobs take over is for the dems to sac up and start helping regrow the middle class. It's exactly what FDR had to do in the 30s to stop the fascists or communists seizing power during the depression.

  3. When the teabaggers first hit the scene, I was glad to see wingers let their freak flag fly. Little did I know at the time that stupid would spread like a virus and these folks would actually have a shot at office.


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