Sunday, September 19, 2010

Texas Separatist Rampage

Sounds like Dale Gribble, looks like a young Charlton Heston on meth... meet Victor White, Texas separatist.

Says Yahoo news:

A man suspected of shooting two sheriff's deputies and another man, then taunting snipers to make him a martyr before barricading himself in a makeshift bunker, was arrested Saturday after a 22-hour standoff in western Texas, authorities said.

Here we go... as conservatism gets fringier, so the lunatics feel empowered. Don't tell me it's BS. Try telling the families of the two deputies who are in hospital for doing their job. Try telling them that the entire right wing of American politics going spastic over the past year or so had nothing to do with this. Then I guess a wingnut would say no. They're good at denying climate change of any kind.

But if you need proof, check out the comments from 'baggers whose knee-jerk reaction to this story is to bitch about property rights and government overreach. You'd be hard-pressed to find these schmucks disowning this guy or admitting that shooting sheriff's deputies ain't a good thing to do.

As an interesting side note, seems them west Texas cops don't wait til after the mugshot before kicking ass by the looks of this hillbilly punch bag. But who could blame them?


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