Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surprised? Not Exactly.

"What's got two thumbs and hates gays and amputee war heroes? This guy!"

Question: when people working for an ethically bankrupt piece of sh*t like Saxby Chambliss write "All Faggots Must Die" on a blog, why are we surprised? Just because you shave down a bigot, stick him in a suit and call him a political staffer, doesn't mean he's not going to drop trou and flash his bigoted red monkey ass from time to time. Chambliss might admit the 'faux pas' and try to distance himself from his errant employee, but anyone who watches Animal Planet knows that lower males in any primate troop take their cues from the alpha male. So it's unlikely "All Faggots Must Die" guy was operating outside of the community norm here.

Question: How can a sorry-ass f*ck like Saxby Chambliss, the chicken-hawk who picked a fight with a triple amputee war hero to win election, still be a senator? I know the bar is low, but this guy???



  1. The bar is VERY low Herb. WV is getting ready to elect a complete moron as senator. Believe me, the guy we got is probably worse than Chambliss or any dumb fuck in there already. He is going to bring new meaning to "dumb fuck politician."

  2. We have been dealing with The Guvernator for 8 years, and the choices now are a ex-CEO or a career politician.

    Get lower than that


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