Monday, September 27, 2010

Greed & Idiocy

Those corporatist crackheads at the laughably misnamed US Chamber of Commerce are busy lobbying to bring down the "Creating American Jobs and End Offshoring Act". Basically, the Chamber wants to keep the economically insane tax breaks in place for companies who outsource rather than employ Americans. Like... wow.

Anyone who pays attention knows the Chamber is a giant scam and has nothing to do with representing the interests of anyone but the multi-billion dollar multinationals. But this might just be the first time they've lobbied so blatantly to screw over American businesses, workers and the economy.

This stuff is not rocket science. We are f*cked today because we've spent decades closing down manufacturing plants at home and shipping jobs overseas. We've focused on service industry rather than making stuff. And now even the service industry jobs have gone away because the greedy f*ck CEOs would rather exploit cheap foreign labor while they shovel more billions into their own bloated bank accounts.

But no-one's asking for the greedy f*ck CEOs to suddenly develop consciences. They don't need to be wrap their heads around noble ideas like altruism, social responsibility and contributing to the national good. They just need to employ some f*cking Americans so they can buy more of the crap they make. Or do they think they're better off selling $1,000 TVs in China where the average yearly salary is around $800?


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