Monday, September 13, 2010

Acid, Midgets & Political Correctness

Acid flashback... yikes!

Commenting on the soon-to-be-viral video of an acid casualty freaking out while watching '2001' at a Hollywood movie theater, one Gawker reader had helpful advice for novice trippers:

Advice to young trippers, beyond the helpful hints already shared: Avoid meat sections in grocery stores, fluorescent light in general, nuns, construction workers and midgets.

Painfully true. Were you were ever chased round a major city in the middle of the night by the red-coated midget off Nic Roeg's 1973 movie 'Don't Look Now' while on acid? I once was and it weren't pretty...

I know it's very un-PC but little people can freak the f*ck out of you when you're not firing on all mental cylinders. Big thoughts about life and the universe I found fairly easy to keep a lid on while tripping. But midgets? Woah!

Not sure what evolutionary purpose it serves, but I think 'midget panic' is hard-wired into us however much we might try to deny it.


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