Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fresh, Delicious Wingnut Bait

According to a press release from the Siena College Research Institute:

For the fifth time since its inception in 1982, the Siena College Research Institute's (SRI) Survey of U.S. Presidents finds that experts rank Franklin D. Roosevelt as the top all time chief executive.

FDR topping the list must bring on some conservative snorts and pouts. But unlike me, they won't care much that Eisenhower is only ranked tenth because they've disowned him anyway. But there's worse news for conservatives:

George W. Bush, had entered the survey at 23rd when the study was last conducted one year into his first term. Today, just one year after leaving office, the former president has found himself in the bottom five at 39th rated especially poorly in handling the economy, communication, ability to compromise, foreign policy accomplishments and intelligence.

Ouch... burn! Could it get worse? Yup. Barack Obama enters the survey in the 15th position... already three points ahead of The holy Gipper. Double ouch. Third-degree burn!

But, hey, what would 238 presidential scholars, historians and political scientists know with all their fancy edumacation? Right wingnuts?


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