Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rich Kicking Ass

Can you hear the distant big guns rumbling in the class war? Do you feel you've not so much been beaten as shot, stomped and bludgeoned into the mud by the rich? No..? Try reading this:

BP CEO Tony Hayward will earn £600,000 (about $930,000) annually after stepping down in October as part of his pension plan.

Who's winning the Class War? I'd say it's guys like Hayward for whom a bad day at work means 11 men killed, the economy of the Gulf coast decimated, Congress lied to and a large part of an entire f*cking ocean poisoned. But no jail, no subpoenas... just big fat checks.


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  1. Business as usual. Remember the 27 men killed in a coal mine a few months ago? Remember all the public outrage and political jockeying to be the one with the most indignation?
    Not a damn thing ever came of it. Exxon continued to make record profits after the Exxon Valdez contaminated the Prince William Sound for the next millenia. Nothing.
    Sustained outrage is impossible in this country unless you're a right wing bozo being constantly scared to death by a bunch of corpo-fascists.


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