Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rethugs Disowning NRA

What's that sound? It may be Charlton Heston turning in his grave...

According to Erick Erickson, the NRA is close to endorsing Harry Reid in Nevada instead of the usual Republican shoo-in. Why? Maybe because that usual Republican shoo-in is Sharron Angle. And she's too f*cking nuts even for gun nuts.

Reid has also recently thrown the NRA a bone by securing a $61 million earmark for a gun range in Clark County, Nevada which didn't hurt. So now the NRA's going lefty and ditching the Reps? Oh my... roll, Charlton, roll...

Although the NRA is theoretically apolitical, the wingnuts have long treated it as a GOP PAC because they assume only manly, ol' red staters (like Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin) own guns. But now there are murmurings amongst the c*ntservatives of disowning their gun-totin' brethren on even the merest rumor that they may back Harry Reid, he of the "extreme left-wing anti-gun voting record".

At Redstate, Erickson goes into detail on Harry Reid's "extreme left-wing anti-gun voting record" and it's a typically hysterical wingnut hatchet job that beats up on reality like it owes them money. Here's one example:

"March 2, 2000. Vote 32. Voted to use Federal taxpayer funds to hand out anti-gun literature in schools and to run anti-gun public service announcements."

What Erickson refers to is "The Affordable Education Act of 2000". And the nearest that bill comes to being "anti-gun" is a provision introducing programs to "educate students about the dangers associated with guns" and provide "information about safe gun storage to children and their parents". That's it. But to a deranged fantasist like Erickson, just teaching kids that guns can hurt you and you shouldn't leave loaded firearms laying around the house is an "extreme left-wing" attack on the Second Amendment.

In Erickson's world, would drivers ed teachers advising students to avoid brick walls also be considered anti-car? Would advice against storing radioactive materials in one's underpants be considered anti-nuclear? Would rules against pilots being high on crack be seen as anti-aviation..?


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