Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Republican Ass Biter

Charles Hurth III is a lawyer and Republican agitator. That makes him a double-strike sleazebag and an unnecessary drain on the planet's oxygen supply. But there's more...

He's also what you might call a serial butt-biter, with a well-publicized track record of sinking his teeth into the rumps of college coeds... He was sued in 1987 for approaching a fellow law student in a bar and biting her on the buttocks so hard that she required medical attention. During the trial, Hurth admitted that he'd used the same toothy overture to approach two other women at fraternity parties—and he said that his latest victim should have taken the gesture as a compliment.

Last month, Hurth and two other GOP ninjas were implicated in a plot to bankroll a petition to put the Green Party on the gubernatorial ballot in Texas. It was an apparent ploy to siphon votes away from Rick Perry's Democratic challenger Bill White.

So not only do these wingnut con artists suck ass, they also appear to bite it too.


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