Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fox News: The Manson Family Media Arm

Once upon a time, a lapsed Scientologist by the name of Charlie Manson came up with a masterplan for world domination between bouts of group sex and LSD. As a first step, Manson hit on the idea of trying to spark an apocalyptic race war by slaughtering wealthy white folks and planting clues at the scenes to implicate The Black Panthers.

Once enough murders had been done to provoke a white backlash and 'Helter Skelter' got underway, Manson figured he could just hunker down in the desert and emerge as self-appointed world leader once all the mayhem died down. But he got busted for stealing beach buggies before the plan got far from the drawing board. So the rest, as they say, is history.

Or is it?

With The Manson Family still safely locked away, it seems the 'Helter Skelter' baton was simply passed to Fox News...

WTF am I talking about? Well, there's an eccentric group of angry black racists in Dallas who call themselves the New Black Panther Party. But they're not proper Black Panthers, just a wannabe bunch of NOI'ers and assorted cracker-haters offering a support group for hatin' on whitey - pretty much a mirror image of the Caucasian KKK.

The original Black Panthers are at pains to disassociate themselves from the NBPP and veterans of the 60s movement have sued them to quit using their damn name. But they just carry on regardless... In 2008, the NBPP were brought to the attention of the DOJ for patrolling polling stations in Philly conducting what was claimed to be voter intimidation. But the DOJ rejected the complaint because no crime could be proven to have taken place. So guess what happens next?

Fox News puts on a veritable mini-special about the otherwise totally obscure NBPP showing footage of scary black guys yelling that "cracker babies should be killed" and such like. Fox then goes on to tie them to the Obama admin by implying that the DOJ's decision not to prosecute was an act of government complicity rather than a straightforward legal decision based on First Amendment rights. And all this is done on national TV by reckless f*ckwits who laughably call themselves journalists.

Even using my indoor 'voice of reason', I can't imagine any intellectual contortion by which this bullsh*t is defensible... unless you're quite literally following Charles Manson's Helter Skelter M.O.

Fox, as so often they do, are scaring their audience into an angry lather, stoking race hatred and pinning blame where it doesn't belong. For whatever reason, they are following Manson's ideas to a tee by turning black and white against each other and seeking to trash whatever steps toward a safe and tolerant multiracial society we may have taken over the past few generations. I'm not sure why they do it... but Charlie would be proud.


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  1. Fox is catering to the Teabaggers by helping them feel better about being racist. In their reptilian logic, Teabaggers can justify their racism if they know there are black racists too. This sensationalist BS also attracts all the Peckerwoods with racist tendencies that hadn't fully bought into the teabagger movement yet. Stoking further fear of minorities might be enough to get them teabagging...especially when they allude to the President being a cracker hater. Those folks at Fox aren't stupid...they have calculated reasons for airing this kind of crap.


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